• januari 7, 2017
Voedselhulp – brief van Father Petro

Father Petro – die via het filmpje de oproep voor voedselhulp deed – doet verslag van de voedseldistributie: ‘The hunger relief project has started at a very good note, see pictures attached. People have welcomed it with a very thankful spirit.

Looking at how great hunger is, it was very difficult for us to reach only the 300 people as per the project with only two feeding centers. As a result we have four centers and the porridge is open to everybody, now for three months and cooked only once a day so that we can reach more people. This came about after our sensitization campaign on the project where people looked at it that to have only selected people will bring about chaos because more people will want to receive their share. To send them back will mean sending them to starve. Because of this we thought of delaying the project for a month so that we may have some flour to feed more for three months, ie January to March. This is a sign that the hunger situation is so alarming. 

Please pass on our great thanks to who so ever extended his hand towards this project. You have saved the lives of people. Community leaders and their villagers are so grateful where ever we were going with this project. Many sincere thanks to you all.

God bless you.​’

 Voedselhulp 1Voedselhulp 2