• september 23, 2017
Studeren in de schoolbibliotheek

Mr. Nelson Chikwanda, directeur van Kasungu TTC Open Secondary School, laat weten dat de studenten goed gebruik maken van de gedoneerde boeken voor de eerste twee klassen: ‘Students are able to borrow these text books from the school library and study at home. They access the library between 11.00 am and 1.30pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the school terms. Mr. James Kanzota is responsible for the library services. This helps students to study ahead of the teacher and then actively contribute during class time. Students are able to summarize information in different topics in their study groups; this also builds team work among students and makes it easier for the teachers to give assignments. This is making teaching and learning more effective than before.The donation of the textbooks has assisted parents and guardians of students enrolled at the school to save the money they spent on books since most of them are poor.’

Kasungu TTC Open Secondary School

Kasungu TTC Open Secondary School, boeken studeren

Kasungu TTC Open Secondary, boeken lenen