Teaching and learning resources

Schools in Malawi rarely have teaching and learning resources ready- for use from factories. The government encourages teachers to produce their own teaching and learning resources using locally available resources, like old paper, plastics, bottle tops of soft drinks, stones, grass, reeds and wood (= ‘Teaching And Learning Using Locally Available Resources’, TALULAR)
Mariska is training teachers in the development and use of teaching and learning resources, like abacuses, letter and word cards, time table cards and posters. She encourages them to create a ‘print rich environment’ and ‘talking walls’. Thanks to a donated laminating machine these teaching and learning resources of teachers are laminated, which means they will last many years.

Thanks to the Mwanawaleza Foundation six primary schools have received boxes with 20 – 30 dictionaries Chichewa – English / English –Chichewa (see www.chichewadictionary.org for more information about this dictionary). Mariska has trained teachers and learners of the standards 5 to 8 of these schools in the use of the dictionaries. The learners, who also received exercise books – ‘My Words Books’ – use the dictionaries weekly to notate difficult English words and their translations in Chichewa, so that their vocabulary, reading comprehension, communication and writing skills increase.

15. Abacussen maken

16. Naamkaartjes en winkeltje

17. Dagen van de week

18. Werken met het woordenboek

19. Overhandiging woordenboeken