School infrastructure

It is a responsibility of School Management Committees to take initiatives in school development projects. Although parents and traditional leaders (village heads) are often well willing, they rarely start constructing new classrooms, teachers’ houses or toilets. They can mould and burn bricks, but do not have sufficient funds to pay for construction materials, like wood, iron sheets, paint and cement.

Mwanawaleza Ltd. offers motivated communities support by providing construction materials for school development projects, initiated and implemented by the villagers themselves. Thanks to financial support from the Mwanawaleza Foundation in 2011 parents of the schools Chenjerani, Chigolo and Kachulu have bought construction materials to roof the classrooms they have built. A positive effect of that is that all three schools have opened new classes. This means that the number of children going to school in their own environment has increased.
Carpenters from Salima town have made desks for Njenga and Yambe Schools. Parents of both schools have taken care of the transport of the desks to the schools.

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