Salima is a district in Central Malawi, bordering with ‘Lake Malawi’, about a hundred kilometers east of the capital city Lilongwe. The district has a warm, tropical climate because of its position in the low Rift Valley. Especially in the months October and November temperatures rise. The majority of the population lives from self-sustaining farming. People grow crops like maize, sweet potatoes, rice and cassava. The villages along the lake mostly focus on fishery. In the rainy season, which is from December until April, Salima is marshy and flood prone. Some roads are then hardly or not passable.

Salima town is a vivid town within the district. It is positioned along an intersection of roads: the coastal route to the north (Mzuzu, the largest city in Northern Malawi), the road to Sengabay (where you can find hotels, lodges and camp sites) and the one to the south (Balaka). Various government offices, like the district assembly, district education office and district agricultural office, are found in Salima town. Most people travel by foot or by one of the many bike taxis. Salima town has two large markets, where throughout the year potatoes, tomatoes, onions, bananas and fish are available. Other products are season bound, like mangoes, avocadoes, green beans and carrots.

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