Mwanawaleza Limited

Since June 2008 Marcel and Mariska Westdijk have lived and worked as volunteers in Malawi, a developing country in Southern Africa. After a period of 2.5 years in the northern part of Malawi they moved to Salima, a town in Central Malawi, in October 2010. Mariska is training primary education advisors, head teachers, teachers, committees of parents and learners, while Marcel focuses on sustainable energy, helping people to start small business and irrigation. Although they miss family and friends in the Netherlands, they feel at home in Salima. They have the feeling they do useful work, they can make a change together with local people in the big needs which exist in various areas. The Christian faith is their source of inspiration and their refuge: to trust in God, also in situations which seem hopeless, and go ahead. March 2012 their organization Mwanawaleza Limited was registered in Malawi as local ‘Charity Company’.

Our organization

We are a Christian organization working with groups, communities and schools in Malawi to improve people’s livelihoods, achieve universal access to quality education and ensure environmental sustainability. Our name, which means ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Child of God’, refers to Gods covenant with and love for people.

Our Mission

Inspired by Gods love for people Mwanawaleza Ltd. encourages individuals, groups, communities and schools through her activities in the fields of education, energy poverty, small business development and irrigation, gives them hope and perspective in situations which might look hopeless.

Our Vision

We dream of a world where all people sustain their families, each child completes good quality basic education and people care for the environment.

Our Values

1.Community participation
We work together with people, who take initiatives and responsibilities for development

2.Capacity building
We share knowledge and skills through trainings and exchange visits

We help people to transfer knowledge and skills from trainings to their day-to-day lives, to enable them to give meaning to, implement and sustain processes of development

We are near to the people we work with, build relationships with them

We are passionate about the work we do

1. Marcel en Mariska