First via Ecosoft with subsidy from the Daey Ouwens Fund and later on without subsidy Mwanawaleza Ltd. ensures that people in the villages get access to cut-price, sustainable and environmental friendly lamps as alternative for the unhealthy and expensive kerosene lamps and expensive lamps / torches which swallow batteries. It concerns lamps with the name ‘Moonlight’. This lamp is chargeable via a small solar panel. Charging for a day gives 3 to 7 hours light, depending on the selected intensity of light. ‘The Moonlights’ can be disconnected from the solar panels and can therefore easily be transported.

Children can make their home work and study in the evenings using the light of the ‘Moonlight’. The lamp has positive effects on the health of people, because they no longer inhale the unhealthy kerosene air (‘indoor air pollution’). If many people exchange the kerosene lamp for an environmental friendly lamp like the ‘Moonlight’ this means less CO2 emission, which is better for the environment. The ‘Moonlight’ also gives families more financial space, since they no longer have to buy expensive lamp oil or batteries.

Each year in the month December the Mwanawaleza Foundation in the Netherlands raises funds for solar lamps for families in rural areas in Malawi, who are trying to improve the quality of education in their schools. The 2013 Christmas fundraising event provided lamps for 237 families and a solar lamps system for Yambe F.P. School.

18. PUSEPA met lamp

10. Demonstratie crank box