Via irrigation and training farmers in the use and maintenance of the irrigation systems and giving them agricultural advice, the harvest can be guaranteed during a poor rainy season. Irrigation also enables people to have two or three times more income from a piece of land.

By growing mostly oil containing products (as cooperation) the oil production can be supplied with seeds throughout the year and fewer funds have to be invested in stocks. This makes it possible to produce more oil and generate more income.
The Dutch ‘Stichting Hulp Aan Malawi’ has asked Mwanawaleza to train and monitor three irrigation groups in Kasungu District. About once a month Marcel or colleague Siyani together with agriculture experts of PUSEPA Msalura zone travel to the village Kakwale, Kayuni and Mputa for a two days training and monitoring visit. Thanks to the use of treadle pumps villagers can now also grow crops in the dry season – which runs from about April until November -: for own use and sales.