Energy, small business development and irrigation

Only 12 percent of the Malawian population has got electricity. The large majority of people in rural areas use fire wood or charcoal for cooking. Women and children often walk many hours a day to collect wood. Deforestation is a serious problem. For lighting 81 percent of the Malawian households use kerosene. This is expensive and also poisonous because of the emission of large quantities of CO2. Ninety four percent of all households in Malawi depend on self-sustaining farming. Malawi has one rainy season. Because of the worldwide climate change the weather has become less predictable. This makes it difficult for people to know when to plant and to be sure to have sufficient food for their families. Because people don’t have money for irrigation, in the case of a rainy season with poor rains, there can be crop failures. Mostly the other months of the year the land lies fallow.

Marcel trains and coaches groups, who produce briquettes – as environmental friendly alternative for chopped or gathered wood and charcoal -, press/produce oil and irrigation. The most recent project is the subsidized sales of lamps, which can be charged manually or by solar power for people in the villages, who do not have electricity.

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