Chenjerani School

Chenjerani School, which until September 2011 had three classes, has got an enthusiastic head teacher, deputy head teacher and three student teachers. As soon as parents of the school heard they would get support from the Mwanawaleza Foundation via provision of roofing materials, they started constructing three extra classrooms. After burning sufficient bricks, raising funds for transport of sand and payment of the laborers, indicating the venue for the classrooms, preparing the premises and digging the foundation the bricklaying started. A member of the School Management Committee did this against reduced tariff. By turns people from the surrounding villages helped him. The District Education Office helped the enthusiastic parents with some bags of cement and door frames.

Because of the school development project September 2011 the District Education Office gave Chenjerani permission to start standard 4. That this standard meets a need is clear. Sixty four learners daily enjoy going to school in their own environment. They don’t have to walk long distances anymore. April 2012 Chenjerani School started standard 5 and this school year the school received permisssion to open standard 6. The District Education Office then sent the school a new, just graduated teacher. Teachers and parents of Chenjerani School are very enthusiastic: they want to upgrade the school to a full primary school (=standards 1 to 8).

Thanks to an anonymous donor Mwanawaleza and the school communities are now constructing a beautiful new school block for senior classes, consisting of two classrooms, a head teacher’s office and storage space. The new block will have sufficient desks for all learners and solar lamps for evening studies.

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