Briquettes are an environmental friendly alternative for chopped and/or collected wood and charcoal. They are made from materials that people otherwise would throw away: for example rice husks (from the local rice mill), saw dust (from a saw mill), peanuts shells, leaves, old paper and cartons. Out of nothing people are creating something (=value addition). Schools, shops and banks keep old paper and carton separately and these are – just like the other materials – collected by bicycle trailer.

Marcel trains and coaches groups in the production and sales of these briquettes. Together with a local craftsman (tinsmith) he has also developed a cook stove especially for this new type of briquette (or smaller amount of wood) and the cooking habits in Malawi.

The project gives income during the dry season (April – December) to the six – seven group members per briquettes production group, who are running their own business.

7. Fietstrailer

9. Briketten, Masomphenya Group

11. Mrs Chizenga kookt nsima op briketten

12. De Dutch blue waterpomp met tank

Thanks to the Mwanawaleza Foundation the Masomphenya Owala Group has got a well, a water pump and work place.