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The Mwanawaleza Foundation, in cooperation with local, rural communities in Southern Africa, wants to improve infrastructure and quality of education, reduce energy poverty and give individuals and communities possibilities for development.

Marcel and Mariska Westdijk have lived and worked in Malawi in Southern Africa since June 2008. Mariska is training and coaching primary education advisors, head teachers, teachers, committees of parents and learners to improve the quality of education, while Marcel focuses on sustainable energy, helping people to start small businesses and irrigation.

On this website you find more information about us, the projects and how you can help.

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Help to keep our country clean:
have your plastic bags (majumbo) recycled:

Do you have plastic bags (majumbo) that you are no longer using? Please bring them to Lilongwe Wildlife Center or Mwanawaleza Limited!

Women groups Chikondi and Tiyamike, linked to Mtumbira and Chenjerani Prmary Schools (Salima District) crochet strong environmental friendly and attractive bags and flowers out of yarn, cut from the plastic bags. Both women groups are composed of members of the School Management Committees, Parent Teacher Associations and Mother Groups of the involved schools. Benefits go to the women and their families. Ten percent of the profits contribute towards development of the schools.

If you want more information about the project: see under ‘News’ at this website or email to mariska@mwanawaleza.org.

Thanks a lot in advance for bringing your plastic bags to have them recycled: ‘Zikomo kwambiri!’

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Chafisi School

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School blocks in Salima District

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Kasungu Demonstration School

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The Chikondi Women Group

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